Licensing & Qualifications

Licensing & Qualifications

US Soccer Grassroots Instructors License
US Soccer National A License
US Soccer National B License
US Soccer National C License
US Soccer National D License
US Soccer Instructors License
NSCAA Master Coach Diploma
NSCAA Premier Diploma
NSCAA Advanced Director of Coaching Diploma
NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma
NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
NSCAA National Diploma
World Football Academy “Football Periodization”
World Football Academy “Football Braining”
FIFA Medicine Diploma
ALISON Online Diploma “Health Studies”
ALSION Online Diploma “Psychology”
CDC Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports
Certified Physical Therapy Aide
Safesport recognizing and reporting misconduct education
Safesport sexual misconduct awareness education
Safesport mandatory reporting education
United Soccer Coaches “Safety in Heading”
American Red Cross CPR & First Aid
BA Hons English
BS Hons Sports Science
Sports Science Certificate of higher Education for Performance in Football
USYS Principles of Play
LMA School of Management Culture of Excellence
NCAA Eligibility Center Coach Education
EAS/NFHS Sports Nutrition
International Olympic Committee “Illness and Injury Prevention”
International Olympic Committee “Recover Quicker, Perform Better”
International Olympic Committee “Sports Nutrition: Eat To compete”
International Olympic Committee “Sports Coaching: How Effective Are You?”
International Olympic Committee “Safeguarding Athletes From Harassment and Abuse”
International Olympic Committee “Sports Medicine: Understanding Sports Injuries”
International Olympic Committee “Safeguarding Athletes”
International Olympic Committee “The Art and Science of Coaching”
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