Amanda Blutig Discusses Team Chemistry

Amanda Blutig


Chemistry, a branch of science that studies the composition and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes. When one juxtaposes chemistry and a soccer team, the two end up being quite similar. In chemistry, there are millions of particles that make up a cell and, on a similar note; within a soccer team there are multiple players that make up a team. One may believe that my soccer team may be going through a phase change considering the team use to be something that was so solid but now has “melted”. A scientific explanation of this phenomenon may be, as tensions rise within the parents “heat/steam is given off” which has caused the team to diminish or melt. In order for a chemical reaction to work productively and efficiently, the goal of a soccer team, everybody must be on the same page. If one thing is off the chemical reaction will not proceed because it is not at equilibrium. To make the team/reaction run smoothly again temperatures may need to be dropped among the parents and tensions must seize to exist. I believe the team needs to return back to its solid phase in which it has a defined shape and all the particles/player are in strict order. Currently I believe as if the team is in a liquefied state where the particles are not compact and seem distanced. If the team can find a way to return back to its original solid state than I believe that we will be successful, yet again.

In soccer, as well as chemistry, bonds are broken. Bonds in soccer are broken when friendships, teams and trust in one another diminishes. In chemistry, bonds are literally broken amongst molecules. When breaking up a bond, energy needs to be put back into the compound. It seems to me as if everyone on the team, players and parents, have lost sight of what really is important (just enjoying the game), and have put in so much excess energy in the wrong direction, which in turn has caused bonds to break within the team. If there are hopes of rekindling theses broken bonds everyone needs to make a joint effort to use their energy in a positive way to help redirect the direction of the team. If we all work cohesively in a unit stable covalent bonds will be able to be formed among the team and we will soon be a functioning compound.

On a non-scientific note in order to help change the direction this team is going we must-

Put our differences aside and play like a team on the field
Make an improved effort of getting to know each other individually
Forget about drama among the parents and turn the negative energy from the parents into positive energy for the game
We all must come ready to play at every game; we can not pick and chose when we want to play
At practice, we need to stay focused because what we do at practice will translate to the game
Everyone must make their best effort to attend every practice because if people are continuously not coming, this will throw off team chemistry because you will not know what we have been learning at practice

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